Oct. 22nd, 2011

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Yesterday was my 11th anniversary. It was a low-key anniversary this year -- neither of us really wanted anything in particular gift-wise, and Anjela had both a cold and a migraine, so we didn't do a great deal to celebrate.

Nevertheless, I'm delighted to have spent 15 years with her (we dated a good long while before we were married) and we're as happy as ever. We've changed in innumerable ways, but always together, so we fit each other now as well as we ever have. It kind of amazes me how compatible we are at this point -- I mean, we played a computer game with each other for seven years, and we even have pretty much the same sense of aesthetics now (which is really showing now that we own a house.) While we both have a lot of activities of our own (my tabletop RPGs, programming/security projects, and computer games; her writing, cowriting, knitting, and Internet fandoms), we still share these with each other and can delight in how much the other enjoys them.

Back in high school and early college, I was never sure I'd even get married -- it just wasn't that important a concept to me. Now I'm one of the most married people I know (and the others are all on LJ, too. :) ) and am very happy that way.

Oh, speaking of aesthetics and things that happened yesterday, we finally got our table delivered from Geek Chic. It looks beautiful, and we inaugurated it with a game of Arkham Horror with two expansions last night (for the uninitiated, it's a board game with enough pieces it wouldn't have even fit on our previous table, and also happens to be our favorite board game.) I really need to get my tabletop game (Spelljammer ported to D&D4E) started now.

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