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Today's prompt: Talk to me about color. I don't really have a specific favorite color.

When it comes to my living environment, I like warm colors and earth tones. I think the fact that I'm cold almost all the time influences this -- it's bad enough being cold, it's worse being cold in an ice-blue room. Luckily, my wife and I are compatible in this regard (the colors, not the temperature -- she runs much warmer than I) and so our house's interior is all various shades of brown, yellow, and orange. Mostly very light shades, though [personal profile] anjelabug picked out some pretty bold oranges for two rooms, and I like them just fine.

For cars, my general color preferences have always been "not red or white," but pretty indifferent to the specific color otherwise. However, I've found that BMW has a really nice shade of white (I can't really say what is nice about it, it's slightly opalescent and just really pleasant to look at), and having owned a black car for 5 years, I wouldn't do that again (too hard to keep clean, and shows every little scratch.)

I also have a fondness for dark purple. There's just not a lot of call for it in today's world; I have some ties in that shade, and I tend to use it extensively when selecting graphics (e.g. designing a banner or costume for a character in a video game), but that's about it. I suppose if I ever became an evil overlord I would decorate my throne room in it, but that's not a pressing issue for me most of the time.


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